Leonie Evans Collaborations Volume 1, Released on 2nd Nov.

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Collaborations Volume 1 is out on the 2nd November with Smugglers Records: a celebration of these connections and the amazing talent and music that is simmering away in small but perfectly formed scenes of music around the country

It’s available for press to listen to on Soundcloud pre-release

The Launch tour will begin on 3rd November at Styx, London with Adam Beattie, Brooke Sharkey & more accompanying for most of the set.

Then Leonie will be performing in each city where the musicians on the album are based and they will be joining her to perform unique versions of the songs at each launch gig.&

I was just blown away by her” Cerys Matthews, BBC Radio 6 2016

Jazz and Folk flirt en route to New Orleans via Canterbury with Evans” Prog Magazine

Track List

  1. Distractions w/ Barnaby Keen, Davide De Rose, Nathaniel Keen, Colin Somervel
  2. Lucecita w/Rioghnach Connolly, Ellis Davies, Alabaster Deplume
  3. Freya w/ Nicola Vella, Stewart Hughes, David Hatton, Phil Self, Will Greenham, Billy Glinn, Natasha Greenham
  4. Miles Away w/ Brooke Sharkey, Adam Beattie, Garance Louis, Samuel Pert
  5. Nothing at All w/ Louis Pavlo, Adam Johnson, Joe Woodham
  6. Mi Balcon w/ Daniel Truen, Lorenzo Prati, Graeme Smith, Pete Gibbs, Daniel Inzani, Leon Boydon
  7. Here Somehow w/ Marianne Parrish, Jack Page, Lachlan McLellan, Rob Pemberton
  8. Trials & Tribulations-w/ Liam Magill
  9. Kagayaku- w/ Yoshino Shigihara, Conrad Singh

About Leonie Evans

Leonie Evans is a peripatetic musician who was born on the edge of London and Kent.
She’s been performing since the age of 5 and has never stopped.

Her output to date has included two exquisite albums of dreamy, jazzy, unclassifiable song craft as part of the Bristol-based quartetRae, plus a handful of small runs of homemade CDs she’s sold along the way of her endless, meandering tour of everywhere (in recent years, she’s been living an itinerant life from tour to tour, travelling around Britain & Europe with occasional excursions to Japan & the USA).

But what sets her apart from just a discography & list of tour dates are the countless guest vocals,
collaborations, DIY video sessions, stints in the streets and jazz clubs of New Orleans, spontaneous jams at parties and festivals and, perhaps most precious of all, the sprawling web of connections growing between Leonie & her ever-expanding family of musical sisters & brothers.

Her debut album Collaborations Volume 1 is a celebration of these connections and the amazing talent and music that is simmering away in small but perfectly formed scenes of music around the country.
One day she decided she was going to travel around England with her guitar & rucksack, visiting some of her favourite bands & recording a single song with each. So she did.

It was recorded in 9 different locations with 34 musicians which feels whole and works as a piece helped greatly by the mixing and mastering skills of Joel Magill. (Syd Arthur). With this nomadic adventure that exists in the album, there is no control, no ego , only freedom that comes from Leonie’s ability to let people explore to her music as they wish!

A rare thing and although a difficult and long journey at times, she was of no fixed abode , its an album that absorbed the scenic route creating a magical bitter sweet record.

“Collaborations Volume 1” Launch Tour Dates


  • 3rd Woodburner Styx London- woodburnermusic.co.uk
  • 10th Rose Hill Tavern Brighton-therosehill.co.uk
  • 12th Instore gig/recording at Smugglers Records, Deal- smugglersrecords.com
  • 13th Secret Woodland Gig Kent
  • 18thColyer-Fergusson Building, Canterbury
  • 19th Star Inn Salford- staronthecliff.co.uk
  • 20th Liverpool House gig
  • 26th Stroud Valleys Artspace Stroud- sva.org.uk
  • 27th Scout Hut, Bristol-avonscouts.org.uk


  • 1st The Lighthouse, Deal- thelighthousedeal.co.uk
  • 3rd House show, Madrid
  • 16th All Hallows Hall, Bristol
  • 20th The Bell Inn, Bath- thebellinnbath.co.uk